Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lake Nona Half a/k/a PR Heaven!

Adam and I ran the inaugural Lake Nona Half this morning, and both set PR's!!  Adam killed his previous time by 17 minutes, finishing with a time of 2:49:48 and I took another 6 minutes off my best half time, finishing at 2:37:51!  Look at us, I guess training does help!  There were 843 runners in this race (SO TINY, compared to the Disney races!), and Adam finished in 652nd place, I finished in 556th place.  The course was great, mostly flat (except for that hill, which was fine at mile 4ish, not so good at mile 11ish)!  The Lake Nona Running Club did a terrific job with this race, can't wait to ring that bell again next year!
Adam ringing the PR bell at the Lake Nona Half!!

Whew, Lake Nona Half Down!