Monday, June 30, 2014

Sweet Sundae!

Our Sundae 5k in New Smyrna Beach was sweet indeed!  Sadly, Michelle, Jules and Cole were not able to join us as planned, but we soldiered on!  Dad used Jules' number and walked the race, his very first 5k!  Seth did this one solo, and without Adam and I to urge him along, he was slower than molasses, but he finished under his own power so all ended well.  While Seth had his ice cream after the race, none of the rest of us were up to that, so we took the voucher to come back later in the afternoon and had our yummies then.  Our finish times were pretty good considering Adam and I ran the 4 miles to the race, and by the time we started the actual race, it was well into the 80's!  Out of 409 total runners, our times were:
Adam - 35:55 - 201, Mellissa - 35:08 - 191, Seth - 55:34 - 380, and Dad - 50:50 - 346.  Here are a few pics:
Dad approaching the finish line, while Ashton Kutcher's look alike roots him on

Adam, Mellissa & Seth after the race