Sunday, June 5, 2011

Graduation Pics

Seth Graduated on Friday from PreK, it was quite the production! They had a party at school on Thursday, and even had a chocolate fountain! Another mother leaned over and said to me, "Really, a chocolate fountain for PreK graduation? I never had a chocolate fountain in PreK, I don't think I had one at my wedding!" There was much crying, but he did quite well, here are a few pics:

Anthony, Tyler, Seth & Jake

Jacob, Abby & Seth

Seth & Jacob

Seth receiving his diploma

Claning Out!

Hello all, we are cleaning out the house, mostly of our vast library of books and all things baby related. Take a look at our Ebay page, we have tons of stuff listed and continue to list more every few days. Also, you can check out our Flickr page, we are going to have a garage sale next month for the big baby items that don’t go for local pick up on Ebay, pics of most of them are on the Flickr page. Not pictured yet is Seth’s crib, but we are going o list it, sans mattress. Please pass these links on to anyone you know who may be interested in anything, or let me know if you are interested in anything, I’ll cut you a deal J . Thanks!!