Friday, April 20, 2012

Glamour Kills was Pretty Cool!

The Glamour Kills show was pretty good, but holy crap are kids stupid!  There are about 15 signs at the Social that all say if you stage dive, we will kick your ass out.  During the first band no less than 5 kids were stage diving, and all of them were escorted out.  The roadies for the Wonder Years came out and were pushing them back into the crowd to keep them off the stage, and then someone came on stage between The Story So Far & A Loss For Words and told them, stop that retards.  And damn if they didn't just keep it up!  I saw a comment on YouTube that one of them broke their arm.  I have never seen that many people get thrown out of a concert who appeared to be fully sober.

All the bands were pretty good (sold out show), especially Polar Bear Club, A Loss for Words and The Wonder Years.  Super stoked to see ALFW and PBC at Warped this year!  A kid that was crowd surfing kicked the singer for The Wonder Years in the head as he came out of the crowd, and he took it like a champ.  Apparently that is a benefit of being straight edge, when some idiot kicks you in the head, you don't black out, you can keep singing!

Any who, check out this video of The Wonder Years doing "Washington Square", compliments of jasonmfzb.