Saturday, July 28, 2012

Warped Tour 2012

We had a blast at Warped, it was def a bit cooler than last year! Here are a few pics:

The Big Board:
Tonight Alive:
Polar Bear Club:
Lostprophets:I Fight Dragons:
The Constellations:Stepdad:
The Silver Comet:

All the bands were pretty dope, we were super stoked to see I Fight Dragons and Stepdad, and they did not disappoint, Midwest represent :)! Sleeping With Sirens had a ridiculous crowd, I felt like I was at a NKOTB show back in the day, for all the giggly girl screams, but they were pretty good as well. Even Falling In Reverse, who totally needs to give Motley Crue their schtick back, were not too bad. The Silver Comet and Lostprophets were the breakouts for us, didn't know a whole lot about them before the show, but def gonna listen to more from them, check them out!